Last night, I posted that I accomplished things, but I was just a little tired.  I feel that sleep was earned (work, plus voice coaching, plus cleaning = sleep time).

My first order of business when I arrived home was to take the lovely picture in my previous post of my living room.  In case you missed it, there is just stuff everywhere – a pile of dirty laundry, the tub I used to clean the floor mats of my car, one of the floor mats from my car, a stack of toilet paper that has no home, groceries everywhere….the list goes on.

Because I can’t put things away until I have a place to put them, I started on the closets that open into my main hall.  There are two.  One is supposed to be a linen closet.  The other, I believe, was intended to be a pantry (despite the fact that it is not in the kitchen, but across the hall from the kitchen.  My floor plan is weird.  Just go with it).

I also needed to eat.  While I set a chicken breast (boneless, skinless) to boil on the only burner I have cleaned off in the kitchen (yup, that bad), I started work on the linen closet.  Now, my linen closet has four permanent shelves, plus smaller stackables that I placed on the floor forever and a day ago.  There was no room for anything else in this closet.  After I returned the towels, sheets, extra blankets (my cheapness with winter sometimes necessitates these), and husband pillow back to their shelves, I realized I had a whole lot of space left.  The toilet paper found a home!  It moved into one of those shelves last night.  Since I buy toilet paper in bulk, it took up the whole shelf, but who cares.  It’s not in the living room anymore.  I then set about to looking at all the things on the stackables.

You guys.

When I was fifteen, I was gifted with one of those spa sets.  You know the sort that has various scented bubble baths and body lotions.  Guess what?  17 years later, I still own it.  Or I did, as of last night.  The soaps were horribly discolored and the bottles had all started to cave in.  This cannot be good.  I threw it out.  I also threw out a bunch of other equally old, equally odd looking soaps.  I had a bunch of perfume samples a friend gave me when she moved to another state (seven years ago).  I’ve never used them.  Out they went.  By the time the chicken was done, 40% of the stuff in the closet was gone (the other 60% being my towels, sheets, blankets, and the newly-homed toilet paper).  The rescue ladder was moved into my bedroom, because if I can’t get into the hall to get the rescue ladder, then it sort of doesn’t have a purpose.

I then turned my attention to the pantry.  Now, most people store food in their pantry.  My pantry had (I kid you not): paint, door knob replacement kits, car cleaner, more candles than anyone could ever possibly need or want (and candle holders for that matter), brand new socks (with the tags still on), a waffle iron, books, a grill set, ceramic collectables, and a bird bath.  That’s right.  A bird bath.  In my kitchen pantry.  There was also some very old food that had expiration dates from BEFORE I BOUGHT THE HOUSE.  No, you are not misreading that.  The last time I moved, the food was already expired, AND I KEPT IT ANYWAY.  There is something seriously wrong with me.

Oh, and I felt guilty throwing it away and giving away the things I no longer needed.

But, I threw it away and gave it away.  This morning, I dropped off three boxes and three bags full of things to the mission.  Someone out there is going to wander in and find a brand new (very nice) waffle iron still in the box and wrappings priced to move.  Lucky them.  Lucky my-pantry, too, because – you guys – there is now space in my pantry.  I saved a few tea light candles (since I do use those) and put them in a basket in the linen closet (as I use said candles in my bedroom, which is beside the linen closet and no where near the pantry).  The only other things remaining in the pantry are: (1) a ceramic light-up lighthouse that matches the one I have in the library and that I have been looking for during the past eighteen months (it was in the pantry this whole time and will be moving to the library this evening); (2) The lids to my cooking pots (neatly placed in a basket); (3) my hot pot (which I’m using for a YouTube cooking show coming soon to a YouTube near you); (4) the car cleaner (which will be moving to the shed tomorrow morning.  The shed is dark and scary at night); and (5) my chef’s knives (which will move to the kitchen counter once it is eventually located).  Which means….drum roll…the groceries no longer have to live on the dining room table and the kitchen counter.

You guys, this is monumental.  I’ve had groceries not living in closets for ALMOST TWO YEARS.  Yes.  That’s right.  I’ve had no place to store my groceries for YEARS.  Now I do.  I’m also going to fetch my favorite set of metal shelves from the shed and place them in the pantry on the floor for more space.  As noted above, the shed is scary at night (and with my luck, it probably has bats), so this has not yet happened.  It will happen Saturday morning.  In broad daylight.

Next up – clothes.