I’ve heard the expression “falling asleep while standing” a number of times.  I just never realized that it could actually happen.  Last night I learned that, yes, it can.

Maybe I should back up a bit.  Over the past two days, I’ve continued my adventure cleaning my home.  On Day Two, I came home after work and a volunteer event, and turned my attention to my clothes.  I had three closets stuffed full of clothes, plus two full sized dressers in my room.  And – shocker – I was wearing none of these but instead cycling through the same 12 outfits that litter my floor and a couple of chairs.  Now, the reason for some of this is practical: my formal black dress that I use for upscale gigs, for example, is not something I’m going to wear every day.  For most of the clothes, however, I have no such excuse.  I just haven’t gotten rid of anything since moving out of my parents home.  I went through everything, and, at the end of the day, had 7 kitchen-sized garbage bags stuffed completely full of clothes plus several other bags of things.  I found, for example, stuffed animals that still had tags on them.  Tote bags that haven’t been my style for 5+ years.  More kitchen appliances (no, I don’t know what they were doing in a clothes closet).  The list goes on.

Saturday started with me loading up the car – and there was a LOT to load.  I had to start over at one point so there was enough room for everything (I drive a compact car).  Once I got to the mission, the volunteers helped me unload and I was quickly off to a Saturday packed of activities (training; teaching white belt class; going to a friend’s soccer game).  Once my daily requirements were complete, I returned home and fetched two old pieces of furniture.  One was a metal shelving unit that, in its prior lives, has been in my parents’ sunroom, in my mother’s teaching classroom, an end table in my first apartment, a bookshelf in the house I rented in law school, and, more recently, a rack for holding wine (it has slots so it was good for bottles on their sides).  Somewhere along the line, someone (most likely my father) had spray painted it black – which looked great in many of the above places.  Black, however, is a very dark color and quickly makes furniture look bigger than it is.  I wanted to use this in my bedroom, which is already too dark  Painting was in order.  I also have this Walmart shelving unit I purchased forever and a day ago that has these little, narrow shelves.  I’m not sure what Walmart thought the purpose of this rack is, but I’ve traditionally used it as a shoe rack.  I would keep it near the door and kick off my shoes when I came in.  Problem is that the shoe rack didn’t have a home in the new house.  I didn’t believe you could set it behind a door from a decorating sense, so it’s been living in a weird location in the basement for the past five years.  After seeing many people have small tables behind the doors in foyers on Houzz, I decided to try this with my shoe rack.

The metal shelves I spray painted white.  I started to spray paint the Walmart shelves, but quickly realized that wasn’t working.  I returned to my house and fetched the left over white paint from when I’d painted my bedroom last year.  It took three coats, but I was able to paint the shelves white.

While my shelves dried outside, I returned inside and began work on the kitchen and dining room.  Now, part of the problem with these spaces is that they’ve never really been well defined while I’ve lived here.  As a result, I spent a good deal of time trying different furniture arrangements to see what would work.  I also began the task of going through all my kitchen closets and sorting through food.  Expired food was thrown away.  Food that was not expired but that I don’t desire to eat (last year mid-year I radically changed some of my dieting habits), got placed into bags for the mission’s food pantry.  A new rule was instituted – all non-spice/non-baking food things would live in the pantry.  (spice and baking foods live in a cabinet beside the stove because I like to grab them as I cook, use them, and toss them back on the Lazy Susan).  Progress was made until I found myself dozing off while standing up beside the sink.  Ultimately, I fell into bed sometime around 10:30 and slept soundly until waking up this morning.

Today, I have church, I have to drop off my latest round of bags at the mission, there’s training for a martial arts tournament, and then more cleaning…..

Before I leave, I’m starting loads of laundry.  Now that I have places to be homes for clothes, I can clean them and put them away.