Day Four started early – like pre-7 a.m. early.  Now, to understand how crazy this is, let me tell you this – my boss once told someone that I have many good qualities, but getting up early was not one of them.  And it’s true.  I am the person who lays in bed hitting “snooze” for an hour and then hurries around to run out the door at the last minute.  I still don’t know why I woke up at the bad-6:30, or why I actually got out of bed at such an hour, but…

…it did give me the opportunity to load the next round of stuff for the mission into the car, start my laundry, and continue cleaning the kitchen.  (You guys, this kitchen is such a nightmare, it STILL isn’t done).  I then went off to a Very Crazy Day.  Church.  Dropping stuff at the mission.  Home for 45 minutes to do some more kitchen cleaning.  Load more things for the mission.  3+ hour TKD practice – which I mistakenly thought was going to be half that length and didn’t properly calorie load for (I paid the price for that one.  Next time, I’ll read my email better).  Eat to correct aforementioned calorie problem.  Attack bedroom.

A few years back, my cousin offered to give me some of my grandmother’s furniture that she inherited.  I now have this gorgeous bedroom suite.  Unfortunately, my grandmother’s house had rooms that were considerably larger than the rooms in my home, which means that all that furniture didn’t exactly work in my bedroom.  In my previous post, I talked about moving the end tables into the dining room to make a breakfast bar and define the space.  That left the bed, and two dressers (one a traditional dresser and one a high-boy style dresser).  I decided to move the traditional dresser elsewhere in the house.  This meant I had to move it.  I took out all the drawers, found homes for the clothes therein, and then tilted the dresser over so that it was on its top.  I then pushed it onto a blanket and used the blanket to move the dresser down stairs.

I don’t know if you’ve ever moved a large piece of furniture by yourself.  This was not my first time doing such a move, and, frankly, I’m still not very good at it.  The furniture is heavy and, even though I’m a strong girl, it’s still tricky.  Somehow, I managed to get the dresser downstairs without damaging the dresser or damaging the walls.  Go me.  I then reassembled the dresser and moved it into its new home in a nook downstairs.  (It’s going to be part of a laundry folding station eventually).

Going back upstairs, I moved my bed to four different locations until I decided where I originally had it was still the winner.  I then brought in the now-white metal shelf and tried placing it several places.  It eventually found a home in the corner behind the closet door (you can see it when the door is closed).  This opened up the wall nearest the door.  Because I no longer had a bed stand, I brought in my London chest (pretty white chest with picture of the Tower Bridge on it and the word “London” – hence “London Chest.”).  Now, there’s one problem with using the London chest as my bedstand is that there’s a vent and the chest would partially sit on the vent.  Fortunately, after a few moments of thought, I found a solution.  I took some of my broken boards from TKD, and used them to sit the chest up slightly.  Problem solved.  I then finished the night by cleaning my bathroom – going through the closets and the shelves and tossing a bunch of crap (like make-up compacts I’ve had since high school crap).

Unfortunately, all my great work did not last until Monday.  On Monday, I accomplished one thing: going through five months worth of mail.  Other than that, I spent the evening lying face down on the floor and moaning, and then lying face up on the floor and moaning, because I was sore from my non-cleaning work-outs.  Because I am an idiot, I still thought I should go to gymnastics.  Made the problem worse.  (Problem wasn’t solved until I got a massage today).  Needless to say, Monday ended up being a wash.

Today, however, I got some stuff accomplished.  I have a vanity that I’ve had since I was a little girl.  I also haven’t cleaned out my vanity since I was a little girl.  I spent several hours today going through it and tossing the vast majority of things.  I did, however, find some really cool family history stuff I must have stored in there at some point.  (That, I saved, because some day the thought of settling down won’t be scary, and I’ll be ready for a husband and kids, and it will be awesome to show my kids those documents and tell them about their ancestors).  I also cleaned out the drawer in the bedstand and all the boxes under the bed.  At this point, all the places I could have stashed stuff in one of my guest rooms have been purged.  Of course, now I have to figure out what color to paint it, but….progress.

I do, however, have a problem.  My garbage can and my recycle bin are full, and trash doesn’t come until Friday.