I still didn’t have garbage pick up (that happens tomorrow morning), which meant I needed to do something not-throwing-things-away related. This ended up being painting the corner bedroom. After removing most of the furniture, I set about painting the room a pinkish-lavender to open the room.

If you’ve seen this room, you know that it was originally beige. Usually, a beige wall is pretty open. Because of the amount of dark wood furniture in the room, the beige actually made it smaller. In order to combat the beige, I chose a pastel for the wall to add brightness. After the room was painted, I waited for the paint to dry while I wrote to the rug cleaners to see if they could remove paint from carpet. (Unfortunately, I had a bit of an accident when I knocked over the paint I left on the ladder like an idiot). This is what things looked like during drying:

 photo IMG00206-20140328-1750.jpg

Once the paint was dry, I replaced the dresser against the front wall, where it can reflect light from the windows while not protruding oddly into the room. I then placed the bed slightly apart from the wall and running longway into the room. I anchored the bed with the bedstand that matches the vanity. I added a light blue lamp to the top of the bedstand and placed a stack of hatboxes on the shelf. Now all I need to do is hang some artwork and this room will be finished. (And by the way, the closet is nice and clean). Some of the artwork is seen sitting on the vanity.

 photo IMG00208-20140328-1956.jpg

 photo IMG00207-20140328-1956.jpg

Today’s tasks also included finding homes for all the hangers. Yay.