Today, I bought curtains for my bedroom.  I’d originally planned on reusing the curtains from the living room, but they were pretty badly faded.  I picked up so gauzy blue curtains at Target and put those on the windows in my bedroom.  I also bought an over-the-door hook that now holds my martial arts uniforms.  I have, for the past four years, kept them on top of the vanity in the guest room, because (1) your belt may never, ever touch the floor, and (2) the vanity was the only non-floor surface I had available to drop them on.  With the over-door hook, I now have a place in my room to keep them that is much, much better than the guest room vanity.

Sadly, that’s all I got accomplished today.  I blame Julie Kagawa, as I stayed up late, late, late last night to read her novel and then finish her novel and then massively flail because I’m quite upset about the fates of fictional characters.  I barely forced myself out of bed to go to testing, and then I came home, hung curtains, and slept.  I feel sort of guilty, because there needs to be more cleaning going down, but it’s now 9:30 and the idea of starting a cleaning project at this time is overwhelming.


I felt guilty and finished cleaning off the dining room table. This means all that’s left for the dining room is to paint it.