When I was a teenager, I would occasionally babysit my cousins.  One of my cousins was a handful, to put it nicely.  It was not uncommon for her to deliberately disobey the family rules the moment her parents were out of the house – and by any means possible.  For example, knowing she wasn’t allowed soda, she once downed my entire glass of soda when I set it down to answer a question posed by her sister.  My back was turned less than fifteen seconds, and that was all it took.  Needless to say, these early lessons quickly taught me that children are very difficult to take care of. 

If we’re being honest, the fact that I haven’t accidentally killed my cat is pretty impressive – and cats are not that hard to take care of.  Open the can of food, keep the litter scooped, and they’re good to go.  When I look at my friends who have a child, I just wonder how they do it.  How do you take care of a tiny person that needs you for so much? 

Last fall, two of my friends told me they were going to host a group of six orphans from Eastern Europe for a month.  When I first heard about this, I didn’t know what to think.  It sounded both overwhelming and unbelievably cool.  Overwhelming, because one kid is a lot of work.  They already had four.  That meant, for a month, they would have ten children living with them.  Unbelievably cool, because it was such an incredible example of the call we have as Christians to show love.  These people were so compelled to show love, that they were willing to uproot their lives to host these children.

Ultimately, it was an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved.  My friends, their children, and their holiday guests strongly connected and had a wonderful season together.  It was amazing just to hear the stories about how they went to the park, or see the pictures of the kids all playing happily together.  As Christians, we often talk about how to share Christ’s love.  My friends didn’t just talk about it; they lived it.  It was one of the most powerful witnesses that I’ve seen.  When the visit ended, my friends listened to God’s call, took another leap of faith, and applied to adopt these children.

Adoption of one child is an expensive, difficult proposition.  This family is adopting six.  The international aspect makes it even more complicated.  In order to help with the costs, the family has designed a series of T-shirts and sweatshirts, which they’re selling through their website at www.adopt6.org.  The proceeds all go towards the adoption.  They’re also seeking prayers that the process will go smoothly and their family will soon be all together under one roof once more.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers over the coming months.