I can’t remember what day I’m on.  Since I took a break to concentrate on a tournament, I decided it was time for a sequel.

You may remember me talking about cleaning the kitchen many, many times.  I actually did work on the kitchen each of those times.  The problem was that the kitchen was So Bad that it took me this long to clean it.  Today, everything finally (1) had a home OR (2) was thrown away OR (3) went to the mission.  I then scrubbed down everything – and I mean everything.  I even cleaned the trash can.  I’m actually taking a break from cleaning to write this – mainly because I’m tired.  I’m that winded from scrubbing things.

In addition to cleaning the cupboards, the kitchen itself, and the appliances, I also cleaned out the freezer.  Based on the non-frozen food I had that I purchased circa 2005, you will be unsurprised to know I had food from my first apartment in my freezer.  That means I moved it not once but twice before I finally threw it away.

As sad as that may seem, it gets better.  When I moved into my very first apartment, I was given a Welcome Basket by the complex.  Someone suggested I use it as a centerpiece, so that’s what I did – for two years.  Then, I moved to a barn in Harnett County, brought said basket with me, and used it as a kitchen decoration for three years.  THEN, I moved to my current house, brought it with me, and set it on top of the refrigerator.  The Welcome Basket contained food and bottled waters.  Today, I threw those things away (I did keep the basket to use to put hair brushes in).  To put this in perspective, I moved into my first apartment in 2004.  It is currently 2014.  That food?  I kept it for TEN YEARS.

Who does that?

Okay, other than the extreme prepare-for-the-zombie-apocalpyse-preppers, who does that?

Fortunately, the kitchen is now ready for painting.  Unfortunately, that can’t happen until I rip open the wall and install arches.  Yes.  I am ripping open the wall and installing arches.  Why?  Because I can.  The kits for doing so will be here in about ten days, which means I will have to work on other things until the time comes to rip open the walls.  Fortunately (?) I have plenty of other things to work on.

In the meantime, however, here’s a picture of the clean kitchen:

In case you were worried, the expired-three-years-ago bottle of cider beside the stove has since been thrown away.