If you’ve ever been to Europe, you’ll understand what I mean when I say “Europe Walls.”  For those who think “oh, she’s talking crazy again,” Europe walls are that old plaster look found in a lot of older architecture on “the continent.”  To get such a look State-side, you either need to (1) build a home with plaster walls; (2) put plaster on your regular walls; or (3) faux paint.  Obviously, I chose (3).

Because I’m crazy, I also decided that I needed Europe walls in practically every room of the upstairs of my house.  Part of this was because most of this space is open.  Part of it was because I thought “it will look really cool.”  Ha.

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.


Next time I think something will look really cool, remind me that it will take me DAYS to accomplish it.  Kay?  Kay.

Tonight, I got started on round one.  Over the course of four hours, I managed to paint….wait for it….the bottom part of the stairs and one other wall.  Yup.  It took me that long to paint that small amount of space.  I did do cut in work on two other walls, so tomorrow I just have to roll those (thank God) before the Big Ladder comes.

I own a split entry house.  I know what you’re thinking – it’s about as far away from “Europe” as you can get.  What can I say?  It had an awesome library space.  Anyway, my split entry house has an entry “foyer” that is a story and a half high.  I never gave this much thought other than “oh, it’s nice an open,” and the occasional “this chandelier is annoyingly hard to change light bulbs.”  I never considered what it would be like to paint it.  When I finally did, I realized I had a bit of a problem.  I have a standard size ladder (6 feet).  I am 5’6″  Even if I stood on the very top of the ladder (don’t do this; it’s not safe), I would still be too short to reach the top of the foyer.  Not to mention, that part of the foyer is above stairs.

I called around to ladder rental places in Raleigh and found someone who is willing to rent me a ladder I can use on steps, use to reach the top of the foyer, and deliver the thing to my house.  It arrives tomorrow at 1.  I am terrified of this ladder, you guys.  It is high and I am not exactly the most graceful person in the world.  I purchase a long stick at Lowes so I only have to use the Big Ladder for coat 1 of my faux experiment.  For coat 2, I’m just going to attach a rag to the stick and hold it above my head.  Much less scary.

At least, I keep telling myself, the whole point of faux painting is to do painting with bad technique.  So, worst case scenario, it will hopefully look like bad technique painting?  We shall see….