I have been killing myself working on the house, as those of you who read this blog know all too well by now.  This weekend, I turned to the downstairs – two closets, a large room that was insanely messed up and I didn’t know what to do with, and finding homes for furniture.  Just sitting here, trying to write this blog, I don’t know where to start – which is pretty much how this weekend started.  As a warning, I’m really really tired as I’m writing this – and I’m going to probably not make a whole lot of sense.

Let’s start with the couch.  Ten years ago, I bought this second-hand love seat.  I really like the piece – it’s pretty plush and easy to sleep on.  Or study on.  I lost count of the number of hours I spent lying on this couch in law school memorizing pages and pages of outlines.  Because I was getting a new chair upstairs, I moved the upstairs chairs downstairs.  This left me with the question of where I was going to put the couch.  I was hesitant to get rid of it, because I didn’t think other people would like it as much as I did.  I offered it to my friends – because my friends are cool and would love my couch for me – but no one really had a place for it.  Then I decided to see if it would fit in my library.

My house, as most people know, was previously owned by people who did things themselves.  I’d known that this extended to refinished portions of the basement.  I know this, because some of the studs are horizontal.  Yeah.  I’ll let you think about that one as I move on.  Apparently, they also did the doorways, because the doorways are 2′ wide.  The couch?  It is more than 2′ wide.  Thus, it did not go into the library.  It could not leave its room.  I then tried to put the couch in various places, but every place I put it, it blocked something – a doorway, the laundry station, the laundry room itself (which made Cyana upset because her potty is in the laundry room).  I also have this antique chest that belonged to my great great grandfather.  He used it for his theater stuff, and it still has the theater designations on it, which is pretty cool.  It’s also large and dark.  I finally found a spot for it, and realized I could put the couch beside the chest.  Once I did, the room was split into two even areas – one was a sitting area and one is my workout area.  The back of the couch divides the space – and doubles as a ballet barre.  Win.

I then mopped up the floor and went to testing.  When I got back, the floor had dried so I started laying down foam flooring in my doejahng area.  I tested it by doing koryo – and realized I needed more flooring.  I went back to the store and got another set.  Another test.  Now I had enough.  I also rigged up some clip lamps on this weird built in (another relic of the previous owners; I have no explanation or understanding for that one, but a good place to clip those clip-on lamps) which also helped with the lack-of-light problem in that room.

In addition to figuring out how to arrange this room (which has always been weird), I cleaned out the closets down stairs.  I then took the large pile of stuff along one wall and found homes for it – because Christmas decorations should be in a closet when it is not December.  One of my closets turned into the tool closet – because tools need to be centrally located but not be in the same closet as food.  The tool closet is mostly done now except I need to mount the broom hanger on the wall.  Yay?

I also cleaned the shed (more yay?) and you can now walk into the shed.  And the closets downstairs. 

Today, I cleaned up everything from the living room and mopped the floor.  I then put all the living room furniture that I currently have (there is a chair and a table coming from PA to live in the living room but are not here yet) into their new positions and tried out the new steam cleaner (because having a cat sometimes means you need a steam cleaner).  I also rearranged the library – including a table that had previously been upstairs and a rocking chair that had been in the big room.  I tried about four different arrangements of furniture before I found one that worked.  Now it’s all making sense.

I still have things to do – I have three piles of things that need to find homes, I have a bathroom that still needs to be cleaned and organized, and there are some things I need to order for the house, but….the end is in sight.

I’m exhausted.

And I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when this is over.  I forget what it’s like to not clean my house all weekend.

(Once I finish, I’ll post pictures of the rooms.  And then I’ll post more pictures once I get the art on the walls…)