Men can be quite silly at times. Not all men, mind you. I know a few enlightened men who are aware that I am quite capable of doing things to take care of myself and who have been 100% supportive of the ideas I get into my head. There remain, however, a group of men who are just completely shocked Little Ol’ Me can walk and speak at the same time.


Somehow, my patio contractor missed that whole part of our conversation where I explained that, but for not being able to remove the deck because I don’t own the power tools to do so, I would have done the patio on my own. I mean, let’s be real. Putting in a patio is hardly rocket science. It’s dirty and it’s physically tiring, but it’s pretty simple to do.


My contractor has been itching to try to get more money out of me. I don’t know why; I suppose some people are just like that. Regardless, when he offered to make me a nice wall beside my house and said he’d give me a good deal, I said no thanks. Whatever his “good deal” was, I can do it myself for about 2% max of what he would charge me. All I have to do is pay for materials.


My day started with going to Lowes. Now, as you’re aware, I’m in a fight with Lowes and have been going to Home Depot. However, I needed to go get my things in a short period of time before my class started, and that meant Lowes or nothing, so I went to Lowes. Fortunately for Lowes, they had their A-Team working in the garden department and the gentleman who helped me was extremely friendly, helpful, and not at all a condescending asshole like the people in the wood department were.


I picked out twelve gray retaining stones (cost: $1.98 each) to match the patio and two bags of pond rocks (about $4 each) because I like the way they look. Once I brought them home, I unloaded my stuff from the Mini and went to forms seminar (because if I want to go to Nationals next year, I need to get my ass in gear). When I got back, I started digging a trench for my wall. Unfortunately, I needed a little shovel and only had a big shovel. Therefore, Sunday was all about finishing this up.


After going to Home Depot to get the little shovel, I finished my trench and set the wall stones. I also put my pebbles over beside the house in the gap so that work people can get to utilities. The contractor was supposed to do this, but utterly failed at that. So I did that, too.  Cue your favorite female empowerment anthem here.


Here’s my before and after for the wall. I also included a couple pictures of the patio with things on it.




Random Patio Pics: