Two weeks ago, my Toshiba laptop (which I’d had for less than a year) crashed.  Every time I would try to start it, it would just sit in an auto-repair loop.

First, I searched the Internet.  Various people offered suggestions, and I tried all of them.  None of it worked.

Next, I called Toshiba.  Twice.  Both times, the person said there was nothing I could do but reload all the software and go back to the beginning.  Because the computer itself wouldn’t allow for the reload using its internal tools, they had to send me a memory stick with the information.

Before I rewrote my entire hard drive, I decided to try to recover my data using a recovery tool I own that allows some hard drives to be used as USB drives.  I removed the drive and recovered the data.  Afterwards, I returned the hard drive to the computer and it miraculously worked. It turns out that Customer Support doesn’t really know what’s going on with this error.  The error is caused by a faulty security permission.  By accessing the drive itself, the security permissions can be reset and your drive will then become usable once more.


In case this happens to you, here’s how to fix it:


What you’ll need:

– phillips head screw driver

– dynex hard drive converter kit (or similar kit)

– a second, working computer


(1) Using the screw driver, remove the hard drive from your laptop.

(2) place the hard drive in the converter kit.

(3) plug the converter kit into your USB port for your second (working) computer.

(4) Go to USERS.  Select your User ID and right click.

(5) Select Properties from the drop down menu.

(6) Go to the Security Tab.

(7) There is a button allowing you to reset permissions.  Hit the button.  For every user group listed, change all the permissions to allow anyone to read, write, access, etc.  Some of them will throw errors and say they cannot be changed.  Just hit Okay and keep going.

(8) When done, hit the OK button at the bottom to get back to the Security Tab screen.

(9) In Security Tab, choose Advanced Settings.

(10) In the first panel, select the option to change all the children and parent settings of the user groups so that they may be accessed, read, written, etc. by anyone.

(11) Choose Apply.  (This will fix the errors from above that say they cannot be changed).

(12) When complete, keep hitting OK until you are out of the Properties window.

(13) Double check that you can now access the user group.

(14) remove the hard drive from the kit and return to original computer.

(15) start original computer.  It should work now.