Low Carb Pancakes

Yes, I said pancakes. Yes, they are like real pancakes. They’re actually yummier than real pancakes. (For real).

I discovered low carb pancakes during one of my failed attempts at making Oopsie Bread. As a result, low carb pancakes are really just an easier version of Oopsie Bread. Here’s what you need:

3 eggs

1 packet of cream cheese

¼ tablespoon of cream of tartar

1 frying pan

no stick spray

food processor (or blender or mixer)

Are you ready? This is really hard. Okay, put all the ingredients in the food processor. Turn on the food processor and blend until it becomes a liquid – but not too long (don’t want it to solidify). Now, pour the contents of the food processor into a pan sprayed with no stick spray in pancake like sizes. Cook like a pancake.



That’s it. You now have pancakes – pancakes with practically negligible carbs.

What to eat it with? Personally, I like my pancakes with butter. I also added a little bit of cinnamon to my butter, because I have a thing for cinnamon. (Use cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar). There are also plenty of low carb options – sugar free syrup, sugar free chocolate syrup (or make your own by mixing cocoa powder with some melted butter or olive oil), low carb whipped cream (I’ll post a recipe for that, too), no sugar added peanut butter…. You’ve got lots of choices – and no need to give up your big family breakfast on Saturday morning.