Yesterday, I discovered there is such a thing as a challenge where you write down 101 things you want to do in a period of time (2 years, 3 years, 1001 days…).  I find that I’m always saying “I’d like to do that thing someday.”  The problem with someday is that days pass and unless you make “someday” today, you’ll never really reach someday.  We have a finite amount of time, but we don’t really LIVE it.

I’m at an interesting place in my life.  For the first time in 16 years, I do not have student debt.  (Why student debt is a godawful problem is the topic for another blog – but there is something seriously wrong with a system where college is not affordable).  For the first time, my primary goal is no longer “don’t piss off the bank that owns my soul.”  I find it more than coincidental that I learned of 101 things lists 24 hours after paying back my last student loan, seeing my bank account go bye, and yet feeling sublimely happy that my life is ahead of me.

Because peer pressure is a great motivator, I floated the idea of doing these lists – 101 things in three years – to some of my friends, hoping that I’d find someone to do this with me (thus forcing me not to default to “someday”).  Two are taking the challenge and we’ve drafted our lists.  I have a Pinterest here where I will keep track of the checks on my list.  Since this blog is about my empowerment journey, at least some of them will also show up here as well.

And here it is.  In no particular order, over the next 3 years, I am going to:

1. Do a front handspring, cartwheel, butterfly combination

2. Get TEFL certified

3. Teach a free self defense seminar for low income women

4. Finish duolingo Spanish

5. Take and finish duolingo Italian.

6. Convince someone to let me teach a cooking class.

7. Finish Traitor and publish it

8. Write and publish 7 sequels.

9. Write Nastasia spin off series

10. Do a round off off of a wall

11. Replace the carpet in the house with wood or laminate floors

12. Improve lot grading in back yard with grass terraces

13. Write travel blog style articles for 10 places in NC

14. Join fiver. Do at least one gig.

15. Figure out how paypal works.

16. Get a good side kick and retake the side kick photo of epicness

17. Test for and obtain 3rd degree

18. Make palgwe practice book for students.

19. Visit Paris. Even though I don’t know French. Ride a bike in Paris.

20. Ride on a boat that I do not control. Even though boats are scary.

21. Take the train into Raleigh for the day just because.

22. Work remotely for an afternoon outside on a blanket

23. Empty the dishwasher more regularly so dishes don’t pile up in the sink because I am too lazy to put the clean dishes away and have no place to put the dirty dishes.

24. Wear a pink streak of hair.

25. Work on developing savings.

26. Visit the crystals and incense bookstore.

27. Do one last sparring match

28. Take a painting class

29. Go to Grandfather Mountain

30. Record a song in a recording studio

31. Do a photo shoot

32. Dance in a fountain

33. Take a nutrition class.

34. Jump in a pool with clothes on.

35. Do a section hike on the App Trail

36. Join a parkour meetup group

37. Visit a synagogue

38. Visit a mosque

39. Attend a local theater production

40. Learn how to weave a basket

41. Participate in a scavenger hunt

42. Drive to the lighthouse island, take the ferry to island with bike, and bike around island.

43. Go to a farm to table dinner.

44. Go on a blind date.

45. Set up my water bill to direct draw so the water doesn’t get shut off again.

46. Go to a food truck event.

47. Go to a craft fair.

48. Go to the farmer’s market in Raleigh and get food to make a meal; video tape it and share it on YouTube.

49. Visit an art gallery

50. Finish and perform “Rialto”

51. Finish and perform the still untitled anti-princess song

52. Find someone to pay me to write a travel article

53. Go to the Bahamas for a long weekend

54. Take a Scottish or Irish dance class

55. Do hot yoga

56. Complete the Raleigh Heritage Trail…and blog about it.

57. Finally use that gift certificate Jane got me to take a cooking class

58. Sleep in a hammock

59. Have a picnic on the median in the parking lot at work

60. Learn how to french braid my hair

61. Do a handstand walk for at least ten feet of distance

62. Do a front tuck (even if it’s just on tumble track)

63. Go to the turtle beach

64. Climb to the top of the playground in the park

65. Choreograph a dance

66. Swing on a swimming hole/river rope swing

67. Camp at Jordan Lake

68. Walk on a tightrope

69. Jump into one of those big air bag thingies

70. Do a color run

71. Campaign for a politician who doesn’t suck

72. Stay in a swanky B&B in the mountains

73. Dress like a hippie every day for a week

74. Put my laundry away when I’m done cleaning it every time – where away means something other than a floor, couch, or guest bed.

75. Make playlists on 8 tracks for my two main characters (Alex and Becca)

76. See Hamilton when the tour comes to Charlotte

77. Pull a writing all nighter – and don’t feel guilty about it

78. Walk to the library and check out a book.

79. Tell someone I love them.

80. Learn how to jump and land on a rail.

81. Get my bridge-kick over to the floor

82. Do a bridge kick over off a bench without going “omgomgiamgoingtodie.”

83. Walk to dinner in Saltbox Village so can walk through the pedestrian walkway tunnel.

84. Walk to and from work for reasons other than “it’s snowing and my car isn’t going anywhere”

85. Get Pink Tiger Press bank account open and online “paperwork” done to sell through online stores

86. Perform at an Open Mic Night

87. Sing Carmen while breaking boards

88. Eat a gingerbread man cookie

89. Take a day trip to the beach and skim board

90. Visit every park in Cary

91. Get the zipper fixed on favorite dress

92. Ride bike to work every day for a week.

93. Play piano in public

94. Do taekwondo in sprinklers

95. Go ice skating

96. Buy a same day plane ticket for another place in the USA and go

97. Do Slide the City

98. Complete a 30 Day photo challenge

99. Enter a poetry contest

100. Stay debt free (except house because that doesn’t count) for three years.

101.  Make a new list for the following 3 years.